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We are the leading suppliers of of new and used camera and its accessories that are used in Flim Industries.

Our Products features everything from Cameras to Lenses, VTRs, Monitors, Professional Audio, Lighting & Studio, Grip, Tripods & Supports and much more, so if you are looking for used above equipment for sale, you have visited the right place.

We supply products of reputed companies. To name a few:
Angenieux, Atomos, Canara, Chimera, C Motion, Cooke, Desisti, Dyna, GFM, K 5600 Lighting, Movietech, Panther, Rosco, Tiffen, TV Logic, Vocas.

In addition to new gear, we specialize in offering refurbished gear. This alternative can sometimes make the difference between doing a specific project or not. If you can't afford new gear, don't despair. Most of today's professional tools of the trade are made to last. This fact allows us to recondition or rebuild items to factory specs and return them to market at a fraction of their original cost.

Our used equipment is in good working order, clean condition and is tested by qualified personals, prior to being sold.

Cinegear has served time in Entertainment Industry for decades. Thus the experience gained in this period has helped us to fully understand and appreciate the importance of properly serviced and maintained equipment.We have a dedicated team of purchasers who travel around the country giving top-dollar quotes.
At Cinegear, we strive to offer great value, excellent service, and quality equipment.

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Atomos Vocas Desisti Panther Chimera Canara Cmotion Dyna Core GFM k5600 Lighting Movietech Rosco Tiffen TV Logic

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